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Vendor Risk and Cyber Insecurity

Vendor Risk: Avoid Cyber “Insecurity” Through Proactive Management

According to BeyondTrust Vendor Vulnerability Index, 69% of IT professionals say their organization has definitely or possibly suffered a security breach resulting from vendor access in the last year. How can you assess your vendors’ security posture and train your team to protect your organization? Read the guest blog post from our friends at Orrios and download their handy worksheet to get started.

A snippet from the Orrios blog:

“Cyber-attacks are increasing across every industry. Given the COVID lockdowns and the sudden, widespread shift to work from home, it is hardly a surprise that hackers are taking advantage of the situation. Over the past several months, we have discussed the steps and tools a company can use to develop a best-practices approach to information security. Yet, one area of your business deserves special attention: Your vendors.

Businesses are more reliant on third-party vendors today, and that reliance is increasing. As I stated in a recent webinar discussing internal vulnerability to hackers: Studies note that an organization’s exposure is often within “the family,” so to speak. And when we talk about being part of the family, one of the critical factors related to data breaches is the vulnerability that presents itself in the vendor community.

Read the full post to view tips for:

  • Assessing Vendor Security Posture
  • Improving Vendor Security Management Among Your Team


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