Five Steps to Building a Sustainable Information Security Program

When combining the complexity of doing business in the digital world with emerging regulations, expanding cybersecurity threats, and vendor risk management strategies adopted by clients and partners, a documented, sustainable information security program is an essential element of any organization’s operation.

Whether an organization plans to create its first infosec program, enhance and strengthen an existing program, or certify a program to meet industry or international standards, taking a proactive approach to information security management is more than merely smart business; it is a necessary step for protecting assets, limiting risk, and avoiding liability.

The goal is to create a foundation for risk prevention and management, aligned with the strategic goals of the organization, that focuses on assessing key vulnerabilities, mitigating risks, and detecting and resolving incidents while limiting liability. Based on the overall scope of the program and outlined requirements, use the steps in this resource as a checklist for designing a program blueprint.

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EXTEND Resources is a business and legal solutions company that provides services related tostrategic executive management, contract management, cybersecurity, eDiscovery, and other business outsourcing an dmanaged information processing needs.

Together with our clients, we:


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Case Study: ISO 27001 Certification: Protecting sensitive information while raising the cybersecurity bar

EXTEND Resources strengthens the information security profile and elevates the competitive advantage of law firm by increasing their information security defenses through the design of an Information Security Management System that meets international standards. This is accomplished through the establishment of an Information Security program with a set of mature and reliable processes, policies and procedures, risk management, and security education and training awareness (SETA) commitments.

Learn how EXTEND helped Hickey Smith validate the strength of the firm’s security posture, enhance client confidence in the firm’s management of confidential information, and establish the technology-enabled firm as a cybersecurity leader in the marketplace.

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Services

Prepare. Prevent. Respond.

Clients count on our experienced perspective on security challenges and valuable insights into evolving threats to help them:

  • Understand their critical risks,
  • Prepare for cyber threats,
  • Create security solutions that prevent cyber attacks and mitigate risks, and
  • Work with them to successfully respond to incidents if they happen.

EXTEND: Resources That Power Performance

Why EXTEND Resources?

With the right team and the right services, the possibilities for success are endless.

Our holistic approach to problem solving allows us to identify, connect, and enhance opportunities, delivering complete solutions that catalyze change, optimize results, and drive value across all areas of business. By partnering with EXTEND Resources, your organization can grow faster, operate more efficiently, and strengthen its data security.

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Services

Stay ahead of security threats while improving data privacy, mitigating risk, and optimizing your security investment.

At EXTEND, our professionals and partners are recognized experts in cybersecurity policy, engineering, and operations. We provide concrete solutions to the real threat of information security incidents and breaches. Clients count on our experienced perspective on security challenges and valuable insights into evolving threats to help them understand their critical risks, prepare for cyber threats, create security solutions that prevent cyber attacks  and mitigate risks and work with them to successfully respond to incidents if they happen.