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Set The Right Expectations and Lower Vendor Security Risks

At EXTEND Resources, we perform comprehensive third-party risk assessments and work with your vendors to manage and protect both your own data and your customers' data.

Why is it important to assess Third-Party Risk?

One weak link in your vendor chain can compromise your entire environment. When your vendors handle your sensitive data, they become the custodians of your reputation. One oversight, weak password, or even one unchecked access point can expose your company and your customers, tarnishing your brand’s reputation and leading to financial losses and legal ramifications.

These are some of the questions that we ask when we first start working together:

  • Have you assessed your vendor risks in the past year?
  • Do you know if your third parties have recently experienced a data breach?
  • Have you assigned business impact categories to your third parties?
  • Do your vendor contracts include cybersecurity requirements and are you fully confident that your vendors meet them?
  • Have you evaluated the security practices of your vendor’s third-party vendors (fourth parties)?
If you find yourself answering “no” in response to any of these scenarios, it’s time for you to ask EXTEND Resources for help assess your third-party security risks.

Why should you choose EXTEND to assess vendor risk?

Our expertise in third-party risk management and with sophisticated vendor risk assessment tools enables our clients to target security investments effectively. Properly managing vendor risk can help reduce breach likelihood, mitigate damages, minimize legal exposure, and maximize insurance recovery to prevent catastrophic loss in the event of a breach or major incident.
Along with an overall risk rating, we provide insightful risk assessments across nine key threat domains:
  • Software Patching
  • Application Security
  • Web Encryption
  • Network Filtering
  • Breach Events
  • System Reputation
  • Email Security
  • DNS Security
  • System Hosting
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Third-Party Risk Assessment

Assessing third-party risk helps you understand the security posture of your vendors, identify any potential risks, and work with those organizations to reduce those risks.
Risk assessments from EXTEND Resources give you the insights you need to identify and address outside threats while enhancing your overall security practices.

Keep Your Third Parties in Check

Assessing third-party risk with EXTEND helps you understand the security posture of your vendors, improve contractual language related to security and privacy, identify any potential risks, and work with those organizations to reduce them by following our comprehensive risk blueprint.
  • Risk Detection

    You can’t defend against what you can’t see. This is why our risk management solutions begin with identifying weaknesses in securing sensitive data, noticing potential cybersecurity threats due to increased avenues for attacks, and analyzing unintended exposure of data by third parties with access to both your data and your customer data.

  • Risk Assessment

    Our dedicated team carries out a thorough risk assessment of critical third parties in your network, considering factors such as cybersecurity measures and operational reliability. EXTEND’s advanced analytics capabilities help quantify these risks and provide an objective evaluation, allowing you to make informed decisions tailored to your risk profile.

  • Risk Mitigation

    Once we understand and assess the situation, we leverage the latest security measures and effective risk management strategies to limit the potential impact of those newly identified risks. Our team guides your organization and your vendors through the creation and implementation of effective security policies and controls to mitigate risks and protect your business interests.

  • Risk Surveillance

    With the right strategy in place, it is now your responsibility to monitor vendor risks on a regular basis. Because threats are constantly evolving, EXTEND will help you define and implement ongoing or intermittent supervision plans and threat management procedures to help you stay ahead of risks.

It’s time for you to understand your vendor's cybersecurity posture as well as your own.

Ready to identify and mitigate security risks throughout your vendor ecosystem?
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