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EXTEND-ED Opportunities for MSPs

Partner with EXTEND to deliver the governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) services your clients need to protect their sensitive information.

Security and Privacy GRC: The Natural Next Step to Support MSP Customers and Foster Growth

As the go-to resource for managing IT systems, your clients also look to you to help achieve their broader security and privacy goals. But, developing an in-house security and privacy practice is not without its challenges. In fact, you may face the same challenges as your clients:
  • Limited knowledge of compliance frameworks and standards
  • Lack of security and privacy program expertise
  • Hiring struggles due to a scarce and expensive talent pool
  • Lack of tools to support an efficient governance, risk, and compliance program

Eliminate these obstacles, support your clients, and leverage growth opportunities by partnering with EXTEND Resources.

Why should your MSP partner with EXTEND?

EXTEND Resources enables its MSP partners to provide industry-leading information security and privacy solutions. We provide all the know-how, expert talent, and necessary tools to create a successful program for your clients, helping you:

Solidify Your Client Relationships

By leveraging our exceptional security services, you can solidify your existing relationships and establish your company as the go-to security and data partner. Our team supports the needs of small and mid-size enterprises in a disciplined, cost-effective way, and we can help them comply with NIST, SOC2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and other frameworks.

Appeal to a New and Broader Audience

EXTEND Resources equips you to market an array of security and privacy GRC services to CISOs, Compliance leaders, Risk Management leaders, Corporate Legal leaders, and other roles outside of your traditional IT relationships - helping you target more prospects and attract a more diverse clientele.

Increase Recurring Revenue

Tap into a revenue streams via technology, services engagements, and ongoing maintenance for establishing, managing, and continually refining information security programs with EXTEND. With our innovative GRC management platforms, your clients can store and manage infosec compliance assessments, documentation, training, vendor management, and other program records - creating new income opportunities for your MSP business.

Access and Leverage Cybersecurity Insurance

When it comes to cyber insurance, EXTEND brings unique knowledge and advantages to MSPs and their clients. We help customers provide complete and accurate responses to carriers' security program questionnaires, strengthen their ability to access cost-effective coverage aligned with their risk tolerance, and identify the landmines that lead to insurance claim disputes related to a data breach.

Access Exceptional Talent and Offer Comprehensive Services

With our team on board, you can offer a comprehensive range of services including gap analysis and program roadmap, asset inventory, risk assessment and treatment, awareness training, program development and testing, audits and certifications, and state-of-the-art software to manage a complete information security management system (ISMS) and privacy information management system (PIMS). Get quick access to our highly skilled team of virtual CISOs, certified infosec managers, data privacy experts, analysts, and support staff – on a fractional basis and without the expense of full-time staff.

Improve Your InfoSec Posture & Gain a Competitive Edge

Be prepared with a well-designed, effective response and recovery plan. Promote readiness and plan for success by performing tabletop exercises and testing plans.

InfoSec Compliance MSPs & Managed IT Companies

Respond To The Demand For Information Security Compliance

EXTEND Resources provides cost-effective security compliance operations services to supplement your existing team, serve as your complete outsourced information security compliance services provider, or deliver a blend of services based on your unique business goals. Learn more.

Adaptable Partnerships Tailored to Your Needs

Enhance Your Market Position
Flexible partnership options with EXTEND Resources enable MSPs to offer an enhanced set of services that complement your existing portfolio while using your preferred operating model.

White Label or Preferred Partner

We can serve as your MSP’s complete outsourced information security and data privacy program services team or supplement your existing team.

Referral and Reseller

We work with you on a referral or reseller basis, and that decision is flexible at the transaction level.

GRC Program Focus

We perform the security and privacy program services you prefer, enabling your in-house team to continue to deliver your existing services.
EXTEND’s MSP partners stand above the competition as security leaders. We can help you evaluate market opportunities and design an information security practice that meets your business goals and those of your clients.
As a Managed Service Provider, you own the client relationships. EXTEND is your security and privacy operations partner.

Are you ready to offer your clients your fullest potential?

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