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EXTEND Resources and SMX USA

SMX Services and Consulting Signs on as an EXTEND Resources Partner for Information Security and Data Privacy

SMX clients gain easy access to expert information security compliance and data privacy services to protect against cyber threats and improve security maturity


Stamford, CT – February 14, 2023 – EXTEND Resources today announced that SMX Services and Consulting has signed on as an EXTEND Resources Partner. This partnership enables SMX to leverage EXTEND’s team of sophisticated information security and data privacy experts and expand its services portfolio to include information security compliance and data privacy advisory services.

EXTEND Resources works with MSPs, MSSPs, and other IT products and services companies to serve organizations responding to market, client, insurance, and other stakeholder demands to demonstrate effective information security and data privacy compliance programs. EXTEND and members of its partner program leverage each other’s knowledge and expertise to deliver services that clients need to navigate evolving regulatory and business requirements – including strategy and program development, compliance, certification, and continuous improvement.

“We are happy to welcome SMX as a valued member of EXTEND’s Program,” said Howard Hoffmann, CEO of EXTEND Resources. “SMX provides exceptional results to clients, enabling them to meet IT and engineering staffing needs on a global scale. The company’s strong relationships with its clients, and extensive knowledge of their information ecosystems, give SMX an unparalleled understanding of its clients’ cybersecurity and risk management needs. We look forward to working with the SMX team as they assist clients in protecting sensitive information from cyber criminals.”

“At SMX, we pride ourselves in delivering highly-skilled, cost-effective, high-performing teams when and where our clients need them most. Today, complying with information security and data privacy requirements is a top priority for many companies we work with,” noted Richard Quevedo, President of SMX Services and Consulting. “Our partnership with EXTEND Resources brings a very sophisticated compliance operations team to SMX, which can be deployed on a fractional, project, or full-service basis. We’re excited to collaborate with the EXTEND team and guide clients on their information security journey.”

For more information about SMX Information Security Compliance Services, contact info@smxusa.com.  For information about EXTEND’s MSP Partner Program, contact info@extendresources.com.

About SMX Services & Consulting

SMX Services & Consulting is an information technology outsourcing (ITO) provider with more than 20 years of applied experience providing logical solutions to emerging enterprises in a variety of industry verticals, including technology, finance, banking, real estate, insurance, and retail.

SMX Services & Consulting is based in Miami, Florida, and serves both the public and private sectors.  Proudly serving institutional clients, including some Fortune 500 companies, we are in more than ten countries with regional offices in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Mexico City, San Juan, Bogota, and Caracas. For more information, visit smxusa.com.

About EXTEND Resources

EXTEND Resources brings decades of in-depth business knowledge, fresh perspectives, and holistic problem-solving skills to help organizations generate valuable results. With expertise in information security, data privacy, business operations, and corporate legal operations optimization, clients rely on EXTEND’s professional advisory and outsourced services to help them leverage data, enhance efficiency, improve operations, and protect information. To learn how EXTEND can help you power performance, visit ExtendResources.com and follow the company on Twitter at @ThinkExtend.

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