Resources to Create, Analyze, Manage, and Monitor Your Security Program.

Whether you have questions about the quality of your security posture, or you already know you need an experienced team to lead and enhance your information security and privacy efforts, EXTEND can provide valuable resources. On either a full-time or fractional basis, we provide turnkey managed services, cybersecurity advisory, and virtual CISO (vCISO) leadership to help you achieve your goals.

Does your infosec program meet today’s threats?

  • Inventory assets and identify gaps and risks
  • Develop a customized information security strategy
  • Implement sound policies and risk mitigation plans
  • Deploy proven best practices based on recognized frameworks
  • Perform testing and tabletop exercises
  • Manage vendor risk assessment
  • Perform information security awareness training
  • Continually improve compliance programs

No matter where you’re starting – from scratch or elevating an existing program – we will meet you at your state of readiness.

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Vision & Strategy

Full-time or Fractional vCISO

Advisory Support

Strategy, Objectives & Scope

Roadmap & Framework Selection

Gap Assessment

Policies, Procedures, Practices & Technology Analysis

Business Alignment & Risks

Information Security Plan

Design, Development, Technology

Policies & Controls

Core Processes & Supporting Vendors

Risk Assessment & Treatment

Analysis & Controls

Vendor Risk Management

Compliance Management

Security Awareness Training

Executive-Level Awareness & Reporting

Monitoring & Continual Improvement

Audit Management

Internal, External & Certification

Preparation, Support & Response

Incident Response Project Management

Planning & Preparation

Vendor Point of Contact for Incident Analysis & Response

Protect your clients, staff, and vendors

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Successful information security is holistic.

Technology systems are often considered the most important aspect of an information security program, but a successful program uses multiple layers – awareness, governance, policies, process, training, testing, compliance – to reduce vulnerabilities and protect an organization from threats.

When organizations adopt a comprehensive approach to information security based on experienced advice and a recognized best practices framework, they are better prepared to detect, prevent, and successfully manage security issues.


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