Data Privacy: Identifying, protecting, and retaining important information.

Privacy is of the utmost importance for most consumers. Today, every business is expected to protect the sensitive information – client, employee, competitive, and other types of data – that it holds and handles.

Proper handling of sensitive personal data is necessary to comply with established business practices and privacy laws – and protect against liabilities such as state and federal fines and penalties that could threaten the life of an organization. Yet many companies struggle with compliance and program development. Data Privacy Advisory Services from EXTEND Resources can help.

Vision & Strategy

Data protection obligations, objectives & goals

Advise on privacy and data protection programs, systems and activities

Data Identification & Analysis

Identify data repositories

Analyze and report on data storage, locations, and access

Data Privacy Plan

Develop and maintain policies & procedures

Executive-level approval

Compliance Training & Reporting

Privacy awareness training

Executive-level awareness & reporting

Assessment, Analysis & Advice

HIPAA Risk Assessment & Gap Analysis

Data Protection Impact Assessments

Monitor Entity Compliance

GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA or other privacy requirements

Audit and Incident Support

Planning & preparation

Incident analysis & response

Data Privacy Frameworks

Why use a Data Privacy Advisor?

Working with a knowledgeable advisor from EXTEND brings many tangible benefits to our clients.

  • Better understand data privacy requirements
  • Achieve privacy objectives
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Lower costs and enhance compliance
  • Gain in-house privacy expertise
  • Leverage an objective, up-to-date view of your privacy program
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