Today’s information security gaps turn into tomorrow’s perilous chasms.

If your organization cannot operate because it is under a ransomware attack or responding to a major data breach, your other business activities will be sidelined.

New, inventive threats from hackers, the sinister rise of malware-as-a-service, and intensifying business and regulatory requirements demonstrate that cybersecurity is one of today’s top business challenges.

Without solid guidance from an experienced chief information security officer (CISO), a successful risk evaluation and mitigation program, and a commitment to continuous program improvement so that you can stay ahead of evolving threats and requirements, your organization can expect to experience an information security incident in the future.

Experienced with a Variety of Frameworks & Standards

Proven Experience in Outsourced Information Security Compliance

Beyond proven success in delivering vCISO services and managing holistic information security programs and certifications, EXTEND Resources brings a unique and valuable skillset to client partnerships.

  • Experienced advisors in risk assessment, framework selection, and strategy definition
  • A business-minded approach to privacy and security, tailored to your risk appetite, needs and budget
  • Expertise in developing tools & software to efficiently manage security & privacy compliance
  • Insights that help you answer your stakeholders’ risk management questions
  • Measurable, sharable security and privacy performance indicators and insights
  • Access to OnTrack®, our cloud-based information security and data privacy compliance management platform


Achieve your goals and drive business value with the help of an innovative, experienced team.

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