Steps to ISO 27001 Certification

As an internationally recognized standard for security and risk management, ISO 27001 certification is an excellent way to demonstrate an organization’s strength and vigor in data security. EXTEND’s proven, disciplined approach to ISO 27001 certification builds the foundation for an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that fully meets the requirements for ISO 27001 certification.

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EXTEND ISO 27001 Experts

Performing successful ISO 27001 certifications for corporations and law firms worldwide, EXTEND’s experts are trained to identify security risks and improvement opportunities, develop ISMS policies and protocols to meet an organization’s unique needs, and work closely with clients and third-party auditors to achieve and maintain ISO 27001 certification.

We are known for building tailored ISMS programs based on a structure that is simple to understand, train, implement, and manage, and is aligned with ISO 27001 certification requirements.

Our ISO 27001 services include the use of OnTrack ISO 27001, our powerful certification and compliance platform. This web-based tool guides organizations through the process of creating and managing an information security management system and preparing for ISO audits and certification step-by-step.

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The EXTEND ISO 27001 Certification Process

  • Exploration and Strategy Development

  • 1. ISO 27001 Gap Analysis and Deliverables

  • 2. ISMS Assessment, Development & Metrics

  • 3. Internal Audit

  • 4. ISO 27001 Certification

  • 5. Continual Improvement Monitoring

Exploration and Strategy Development

Whether your organization has set an initiative to become ISO 27001 certified, or is considering the possibility, taking a proactive approach to develop an ISMS that adheres to international security standards is simply smart business.

EXTEND’s team of experts can provide the clarity needed to determine the most advantageous path forward, organize your assets, and communicate your ISO 27001 compliance and certification strategy to stakeholders throughout your enterprise. During the Exploration & Strategy Development phase, we:

  • Outline the elements and structure of a security program and its capabilities
  • Identify resources required to initiate ISO compliant standards
  • Outline the scope of deliverables to achieve your security program initiatives
  • Provide projections, including timelines and requirements, for ISO 27001 certification

Phase I: Information Security Gap Analysis

EXTEND’s team assesses an organization’s current information security program to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. This tailored service provides an executive overview that includes a detailed roadmap to achieve ISO 27001 certification. It also provides information security teams with an overview of ISO 27001 requirements.

Our team identifies security posture gaps and establishes an action plan that provides a clear track to meet ISO 27001 requirements and aligns with your business objectives. This process involves interviewing and collaborating with stakeholders to assess your organization’s current adherence with ISMS and ISO 27001 standards and requirements. In the GAP Analysis and Deliverables phase, we:

  • Identify stakeholders
  • Inspect and evaluate the current structure, assets, policies, practices, and controls
  • Develop a framework diagram illustrating security gaps and resolutions
  • Develop a project plan with a schedule of activities to implement gap resolutions
  • Create a customized project plan to meet ISO 27001 objectives

Phase II: ISMS Assessment, Development & Performance Metrics

EXTEND provides an assessment report, which includes visibility into a client’s ISMS infrastructure. The assessment report also outlines areas in which an ISMS aligns with ISO standards, areas in which security risks exist, and recommended steps to resolution. In the ISMS Assessment phase, we:

  • Map current controls, policies, and procedures to resolutions
  • Map regulatory and legal controls to current requirements
  • Recommend policy improvements, enhancements, and risk treatment options
  • Perform a risk assessment and develop a risk treatment plan
  • Develop a documented action plan that defines a transparent track to eliminating gaps and progressing to the internal audit phase
  • Develop metrics to maintain your information security scorecard

Phase III: Internal Audit

Once an organization’s ISMS aligns with ISO 27001 requirements, we perform a formal audit of the information security program and issue an internal assessment audit report. In the Internal Audit phase, we:

  • Validate the scope of ISMS security assurances
  • Perform a detailed review of security policy documents, practices, and procedures
  • Document the results of the audit mapped to ISO 27001 requirements

Phase IV: ISO 27001 Certification

After our internal audit, your organization will be positioned for a successful external audit and ISO 27001 certification. An ISO 27001 audit can be intimidating, which is why our experts provide support and guidance throughout the process. We can even act as a representative for your organization and facilitate the entire ISO 27001 audit, ensuring accuracy, coordination, and efficiency. In the Certification phase, we:

  • Facilitate or assist in the selection of an ISO registrar to conduct audit
  • Manage the communication and scheduling of audit procedural requirements
  • Deliver response to auditors’ requests and address all related questions
  • Ensure a productive and efficient audit process

Phase V: Continual Improvement & Monitoring

Following the implementation of your ISMS and security infrastructure, EXTEND conducts regular compliance evaluations to ensure you remain compliant.

We confirm the alignment of the people, processes, facilities, and system requirements to ensure a successful ISO 2700 foundation for ongoing compliance. In the Continual Improvement & Monitoring phase, we:

  • Provide comprehensive guidance to ISO 27001 Best Practices and continuous improvement activities
  • Review and update security policy documents
  • Confirm updates on relevant legislation and regulations
  • Confirm updates on new required practices and updated procedures
  • Monitor the effectiveness and maturity of controls in line with ISO 27001 requirements

Monitoring the maturity and effectiveness of ISMS controls is critical to maintaining strong information security. EXTEND’s experts have the experience to provide direction on how to continuously improve your ISMS and remain ISO 27001 certified.

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Regardless of an organization’s state of readiness to deploy an ISMS or meet ISO 27001 requirements, our tailored services are designed to meet your unique business needs and efficiently deliver results.

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