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Five Steps to Building a Sustainable Information Security Management Program

When combining the complexity of doing business in the digital world with emerging regulations, expanding cybersecurity threats, and vendor risk management strategies adopted by clients and partners, a documented, sustainable information security program is an essential element of any organization’s operation. Whether an organization plans to create its first infosec program, enhance and strengthen an existing program, or certify a program to meet industry or international standards, taking a proactive approach to information security management is more than merely smart business; it is a necessary step for protecting assets, limiting risk, and avoiding liability.

Know Where You Are.
Understand Where You Want to Be.

Taking a proactive approach to developing or enhancing an information security program begins with understanding the specific needs of the business: Which assets need to be protected — high value and high risk  — and what is the impact if they are affected by a security incident? The starting point and foundational structure of a program will depend largely on the size of the organization, its existing information security capabilities, its appetite for risk, and specific quality-assurance, control, and audit requirements. So before diving right into the building stage, take the time to determine the scope and strategy of the program.

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