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Welcome To Our EXTEND-ed Family Of Strategic Alliances

We’ve formed strategic alliances with a dynamic, diverse group of industry pioneers and experts. Leveraging our synergy, resources, and experience, we are united in our dedication to enhancing the security and privacy of your information.

Cyberdi Logo


As part of our strategic alliance, CyberDI delivers expertise in CyberCMMC and NIS 800-171 Cybersecurity Consulting, Training, and Risk Assessments. Their commitment to building solid cyber defenses aligns with our shared pursuit of robust information security.

OWG Owl Logo


OWG’s Next-Gen Cloud services ensure safe and seamless access to corporate data and business apps from any device, anywhere, anytime. As one of our integral partners, they ensure our clients have secure, accessible, and efficient cloud solutions.

Plex Hosted logo


Founded in 2010, PlexHosted brings to the table its expertise as a Managed Services Provider (MSP), Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP), and professional services IT company.

Unified Technologies logo

Unified Technologies

Unified Technologies (UT) is an IT Solutions and Service Provider committed to delivering the most secure, reliable, and flexible IT Infrastructure and boosting our customers’ competitiveness.​

SMX Services & Consulting logo

SMX Services & Consulting

SMX Services & Consulting brings more than 20 years of applied experience in providing logical solutions to emerging enterprises in various industry verticals. As an information technology outsourcing (ITO) provider, they significantly augment our capabilities in delivering optimal security and privacy solutions.

SolCyber logo


SolCyber helps small to mid-sized businesses achieve cyber resilience easily and access cyber insurance coverage. Their focus on empowering businesses of all sizes aligns perfectly with our mission to provide security and privacy solutions for all.

Preveil logo


PreVeil offers simple, encrypted email and file collaboration. The leading choice for CMMC, NIST 800-171 & ITAR Compliance.

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