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Complementary Security Partnerships for MSSPs

Partner with EXTEND to empower your clients with effective governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) practices that support a strong security and privacy posture.

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Strengthen Your Position as a Managed Security Provider with EXTEND

You are already assisting your clients with network security, threat detection, and incident response. To demonstrate maturity across their entire privacy and security program, customers also need help with governance, risk management, compliance, cyber insurance, and more.
MSSPs have an opportunity to deliver additional value to clients and prospects in these areas when they can eliminate the obstacles of limited GRC expertise, talent and resource constraints, and time.

In this important growth area, choosing EXTEND as a complementary partner can help you augment and optimize the security services you currently provide.

We help organizations conduct independent internal audits and prepare for third-party audits. Using detailed checklists and best practices, we review the implementation of and ongoing compliance with policies and procedures. Together, we can help clients know where they stand for their own benefit or in preparation for a certification or industry audit.

MSSPs and their clients benefit from EXTEND’s unique cyber insurance expertise. We help customers provide complete and accurate responses to carriers’ security program questionnaires, strengthen their ability to access cost-effective coverage aligned with their risk tolerance, and identify the landmines that lead to insurance claim disputes related to a data breach.

MSSP customers are looking to reduce cyber risk associated with anyone with access to their systems and data. EXTEND evaluates the security practices of an organization’s critical third-party vendors and can assess their compliance with information security frameworks and other requirements. 

MSSPs can leverage EXTEND Resources for risk assessments and management. With our highly skilled team, we can help identify vulnerabilities and develop custom risk mitigation strategies.

Compliance with ISO, NIST, CMMC, HIPAA, GDPR, and other frameworks, standards, and regulations requires specialized knowledge and expertise. EXTEND Resources can provide the necessary program development, guidance, and support to bring confidence to both you and your clients.

EXTEND Resources can provide expertise in data protection strategies, data classification, and management of personal data, helping you implement privacy-by-design principles in all processes.
Outsourcing the Chief Information Security Officer role to EXTEND Resources can help your MSSP offer strategic security guidance and leadership without the need for your clients to have a full-time executive-level leader.
InfoSec Compliance MSPs & Managed IT Companies

Respond To The Demand For Information Security Compliance

EXTEND Resources provides cost-effective security compliance operations services to supplement your existing team, serve as your complete outsourced information security compliance services provider, or deliver a blend of services based on your unique business goals. Learn more.

What do MSSPs gain by partnering with EXTEND?

Expertise: Get an ISO 27001-certified partner with vast experience in information security and privacy governance, risk management, and compliance.

Increased Revenue

Open up a new revenue stream via outsourced GRC service fees.

Strengthened Client Relationships

Enhance your MSSPs’ client relationships by offering superior security and privacy services.

Access to New Markets

Target new prospects and different buyer personas outside traditional IT roles.

Enhanced Market Position

Stand out and enhance your competitive position as a security leader that offers complete security and privacy services.

Improved Security Posture

Achieve necessary certifications and demonstrate compliance with recognized infosec frameworks, thereby enhancing your security posture.

GRC Platforms

Manage clients’ infosec risk assessments, risk treatment, program documentation, training, vendor management, and other records effectively with OnTrack.

Adaptable Partnerships Tailored to Your Needs

Enhance Your Market Position

Flexible partnership options with EXTEND Resources enable MSSPs to offer an enhanced set of services that complement your existing portfolio while using your preferred operating model.

White Label or Preferred Partner

We can serve as your MSP’s complete outsourced information security and data privacy program services team or supplement your existing team.

Referral and Reseller

We work with you on a referral or reseller basis, and that decision is flexible at the transaction level.

GRC Program Focus

We perform the security and privacy program services you prefer, enabling your in-house team to continue to deliver your existing services.
As a Managed Security Service Provider, you monitor and protect your client’s privacy and data.
To complement your service offerings, EXTEND becomes your GRC operations partner.

Ready to augment your MSSP capabilities and growth by partnering with EXTEND Resources?

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