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OIG Compliance NOW Selects OnTrack 27001 from EXTEND Resources to Manage ISO Compliance for Information Security

STAMFORD, CT, February 8, 2018 — EXTEND Resources, a business and legal solutions company, announced today that OIG Compliance NOW has selected OnTrack™ 27001 to manage the company’s ISO 27001 certification and compliance program. Built to simplify and streamline the process for creating and managing an information security management system (ISMS), OnTrack™ 27001 is a web-based platform that makes it easy to prepare for ISO audits, maintain certification, manage ongoing ISO compliance, and facilitate continuous improvement.

“Managing the ongoing requirements to maintain ISO 27001 certification requires continual assessment, communication, and documentation,” noted Tia Lee Daniel, EVP/CCO & Licensed Private Investigator for OIG Compliance NOW. “The OnTrack™ platform’s friendly user interface, turnkey capabilities, and extensibility to additional standards made it the natural choice for handling our overall compliance program.”

OIG Compliance NOW will use OnTrack™ 27001 as a companion to guide, track, and simplify the management of its existing ISO 27001 certification and related compliance activities, including risk assessment, risk treatment, and vendor management.

In addition to the software license, OIG Compliance Now is using EXTEND’s data migration consulting services to ensure rapid adoption of the platform and preparedness for upcoming audits.  When available to the market later this year, the company plans to adopt OnTrack™ 20000 for managing compliance requirements for the ISO 20000 Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) standard.

“Information security managers need to focus on actions that protect their organization’s sensitive data rather than spending time searching for supporting documents or manually tracking status in complex spreadsheets,” said Antonella Commiato, CTO and Chief Information Security Officer for EXTEND Resources. “With OnTrack, OIG Compliance NOW can efficiently design, document, communicate, and validate its entire information security program in one streamlined platform, from start to finish.”

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