Stephen K. Henn

Chief Revenue Officer

Stephen Henn

Stephen K. Henn, Chief Revenue Officer of EXTEND Resources, is a senior executive with 30 years of sales, financial, operational and general management experience in a wide range of industries.

During his early career, Steve worked in corporate finance for several large financial institutions and private equity firms serving as a turnaround chief financial officer for portfolio companies in distress. During the dot-com boom, Steve was chief financial officer of several technology companies and led successful exits through sale and IPO.

In 2013, Steve started to focus on artificial intelligence, cognitive analytics and the use of advanced technologies in the analysis and management of risk. Since then, he has pioneered the use of AI and data analytic solutions in the areas of data privacy, governance, and contracts for functions as diverse as information security, data governance (privacy), mergers and acquisitions, legal operations and human resources. Steve has addressed a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, banking, insurance, telecommunications and media, airlines, and logistics. Some of the applications Steve has led over the past six years include:

  • the application of technology to detect exposure of PII and other corporate data sources to breach;
  • the reduction of time and population requirements for clinical trials for drug and device testing;
  • the detection of fraud in workers compensation claims;
  • the development of “intelligent screens” for detecting specific items in eDiscovery and managed review;
  • the use of AI for digital due diligence for M&A and divestitures;
  • the integration of disparate data systems for an integrated view of key business systems for telecommunications and airlines;
  • systems designed to detect employee harassment and other code of conduct violations; and
  • screens for AML and KYC programs, among other projects.

Steve is a recognized expert in business ethics and the author of Business Ethics: A Case Study Approach. He has spoken in the US and aboard on topics such as ethics and professionalism; law and technology; artificial intelligence and cognitive analytics, as well as business management and growth.

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T/F 203.803.2127

127 High Ridge Road
Suite 170
Stamford, CT 06905



JD, University of Connecticut, 1994

BA, Economics, University of Chicago, 1985

Sales Leadership Training, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University.