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GRC Platforms: Mission Control for Security and Privacy

Just as accounting software revolutionizes financial management, Governance, Risk, and Compliance platforms are the mission control center for managing your company's security and privacy program. Choosing the right one is crucial.

GRC Value: The visibility to mitigate risks effectively.

Your security and privacy program is unique to your business. However, one factor continually drives the ability to mitigate security and privacy risks successfully: visibility into vulnerabilities and threats. Yet organizations make strategic mistakes when choosing a GRC platform.
EXTEND helps you choose and implement a purpose-built GRC platform tailored to your business or use your current platform to generate better results.
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Choosing the Right GRC Tools for Integrated Risk Management

We favor task-based tools designed to support the operations of a complete security and privacy GRC program. An integrated risk management platform enables you to map and manage assets and associated risks, prioritization and controls, policies and guidelines, security awareness training, vendor risk management, audit management, and more. Depending on your business, goals, and resources, straightforward evidence-gathering tools can also be a good fit.
We’ve investigated and performed due diligence on 25+ security and privacy management platforms. If you are considering investing in a platform, are dissatisfied with your current platform, or simply want the benefits of a single platform to manage a program, we have done the homework for you. Our services team helps clients generate success with their preferred toolset.

Are you ready to leverage the right GRC tools to take control of your security and privacy journey?

Depend on EXTEND’s expert guidance to streamline and integrate your GRC tasks and confidently manage your security and privacy program.

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