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EXTEND to Sponsor The Exchange Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Conference: New York, NY – May 23-24

EXTEND Resources is honored to sponsor a gathering of senior business executives and information security professionals at “The Exchange” Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Forum by Today’s General Counsel. The forum provides an interactive platform where participants can expect to gain in-depth knowledge of the many information security challenges organizations face today.

The event takes place May 23-May 24, at the New York City Bar Association, 42 W 44th Street, New York, NY 10036. Speakers and attendees from both the public and private sector will provide a diverse blend of expertise on data privacy and cybersecurity.

Discussion topics include:

  • Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) — the role and importance of privacy protections, building information sharing and trust between public and private sectors
  • Presumption of Litigation — including U.S. Supreme Court case (Spokeo), Wyndham v FTC) (3rd Cir.), Remijas v Neiman Marcus) (7th), cyber liability insurance
  • Corporate Governance vs. Security — lessons from recent breaches, risk/benefit analysis, Prioritization
  • Deflect, Detect, Respond, React, Recover — perimeter defenses, threat detection and testing, building and implementing a comprehensive response plan
  • Outsourcing Big Data to the Cloud — data privacy regulation considerations, data commingling, Safe Harbor compliance
  • Operating in the Shadows — Darknet/TOR, cyber criminals and recent arrests, data sharing across borders
  • Fighting the Cyber War — where are we today?
  • Cybersecurity Market Future — today and tomorrow

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EXTEND Resources solves a fundamental problem many organizations face: How to do more with less. As a professional services and solutions company specializing in business and legal process optimization, contract management, and cybersecurity, clients rely on EXTEND to help them increase productivity, enhance efficiency, and generate valuable results. EXTEND’s executives have many decades of combined expertise in business management, legal technology, and global outsourcing. To learn how EXTEND can help you power performance, visit ExtendResources.com and follow the company on Twitter at @ThinkExtend.

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