Change is coming.  At this year’s HFMA Annual conference, organizers encouraged attendees to take an active role in transforming healthcare with a smart directive: “Be Bold.” That message and this year’s conference theme reverberated throughout the keynote presentations, learning pathways, and the HFMA Central exhibit hall with content that was designed to deliver the tools attendees need to take action within their organizations.

As the EXTEND Resources team participated in the HFMA events, we watched speakers, vendors, and attendees respond, putting “Be Bold” into action. Here’s how.

Bold Networking

How did attendees jump into the Be Bold culture at HFMA Annual? It started with fun, effective networking. The conference was chock-full of vital networking opportunities. From creative sessions like Networking for Nice People and a First Time Guest Meet Up, the HFMA team facilitated all sorts of ways to meet and engage interesting, thought-provoking new friends – whether inside of HFMA Central, while walking to sessions in the Orange County Convention Center, or in small groups at the conference hotel lounges.

Bold Ideas

Speakers who entertain, enlighten, and inspire. HFMA fulfilled its promise to attendees with an energetic round-up of keynote presenters.

Monday, the first full day of the conference, kicked off with an upbeat keynote presentation by YouTube personality Dr. Zubin Damania, affectionately known as ZDoggMD, discussed why today’s healthcare system is dysfunctional and how we can work together to build Health 3.0 – his version for a world where technology and evidence-based medicine come together – to revitalize it. In this world, patients and their caregivers are jointly committed to open communication that leads to healthier outcomes for both. Patients will be more engaged in their healthcare decisions, and care givers will experience less of the “burn out” that has plagued our industry of late. ZDoggMD’s use of insight, humor, and animated storytelling provided a jolt of energy that set the tone for the rest of the conference.

On Tuesday, Marcus Whitney continued the discussion about the potential for valuable action during the upcoming period of significant change in healthcare. He encouraged healthcare leaders to come together around a common narrative where they define both the challenges their responses to those challenges. Then, become better innovators by going back to the industry’s roots, listening to innovative people outside of healthcare, working collaboratively, and making innovation a managed process and investment rather than a risk-taking exercise only attempted by traditional disrupters.

Bold Solutions

More than 200 innovative companies attended this year’s conference and came prepared to share new ideas, updated technologies, and creative solutions to help healthcare finance and revenue cycle to support their healthcare organizations.  During receptions, the exhibit hall within HFMA Central became abuzz with conversation. Similar to market centers throughout the years, it became a meeting place for friends and coworkers to catch up and for new friendships and business relationships to begin. We enjoyed talking with many of you about EXTEND’s Healthcare Revenue Cycle services and our talented team of medical coders and CDI professionals.

Bold Community

HFMA launched a new, all in one space for the member community to come together this year. HFMA central combined vendor exhibits, receptions, and meals, along with interactive presentations, private meeting spaces, and an attendee information counter. Attendees had the opportunity to speak with solution partners, such as our team at EXTEND Resources and our suite of coding and CDI services. They also had a chance to hear about innovative new technologies and ideas and fellowship with people they met during the conference.

At future HFMA Annual events, we hope to see attendees of all types interact more closely within in HFMA Central to create a true high-energy community hub. Even better, we’d love to see future HFMA Annual events held at a large conference hotel where the sessions and exhibits take place in the same location where attendees tend to hang out to unwind and collaborate.

Do you have great ideas to help make #HFMA2020 even bolder and better? Send them to us at We’d love to hear them and pass them along.