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Depend on EXTEND: Your Security and Privacy Team

EXTEND Resources is an industry leader in integrated risk management for information security and data privacy. We help organizations prevent, mitigate, and overcome the risk of loss associated with security and data privacy incidents.

Our Team: A Unique Synergy of Technology, Compliance, Risk, and Management Experts

We are premium thinkers and premium doers, bringing together an array of capabilities derived from decades of experience in highly complex and highly-regulated industries such as healthcare, legal, finance, education, manufacturing, and transportation and logistics.


Katie M. Allen

Chief Marketing Officer

Antonella Commiato

CTO and Chief Information Security Officer

Christopher Hetner

Principal, Board Advisory Solutions

Howard S. Hoffmann

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Torkelson

Managing Director, Risk Management Solutions

Audrey Weinstein

Vice President and General Counsel

Michael C. Yeager

Chief Financial Officer

Managing the Business of Security & Privacy

Security and privacy threats affect all facets of an organization. Effective protection requires more than cybersecurity expertise; it requires a deep understanding of how to improve the way companies operate. EXTEND brings a legacy of both business and technical expertise to help clients safeguard information and achieve operational performance improvement goals.

Clients choose EXTEND based on our:

  • Methodical and analytical approach to assessing and mitigating risk
  • Intelligent use of technologies to enable efficient operations and protection
  • Well-honed change management skills
  • Success in implementing and certifying security and privacy programs

This combination of strengths is essential to transforming the systems and behaviors necessary to meaningfully reduce the risk of an incident and the magnitude of related damages.

We are more than expert consultants – we're ISO certified.

As an ISO 27001-certified company, we demonstrate our commitment to upholding the highest industry standards. We believe that security and privacy programs don’t have to be overly complex or expensive. With the right guidance and a little bit of dedication, security and privacy maturity is a reality that every company can achieve.

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Our Core Values

EXTEND Resources is built on six core values, which guide our operations and shape our commitment to our clients.


To understand our clients’ requirements, challenges, and goals. To maximize the value we deliver, including safeguarding the security and confidentiality of their information.


To be honest, trustworthy, respectful, and ethical in our actions. To honor our commitments and to be accountable for our actions, successes, and setbacks.


To deliver superior performance and make a lasting impact on our clients’ businesses. To relentlessly pursue the delivery of outstanding results in everything we do.


To be meticulous in our attention to detail. To extract larger meaning from data and information to support objective evaluation, decision-making, and innovation.


To seek, share, and respect diverse perspectives. To function as a team with our associates, clients, and third-party providers.


To continually earn the trust of those with whom we engage by demonstrating exceptional GRC practices. To consistently deliver on our promises.

Be Confident and Prepared with EXTEND Resources

After working with our team to develop a comprehensive security and privacy program, you and your organization will be able to accomplish three main goals:

  • Achieve Information Security and Data Privacy Maturity

    We provide the guidance and tools needed to swiftly transition from an organization with limited protections to a business with a mature information security and data privacy program. As you work with EXTEND Resources, you will be able to confidently demonstrate your practices and capabilities in data security to stakeholders, showing that their information and digital assets are in safe hands.

  • Be Proactive and Ready in Case of a Data Breach

    A strong GRC program can help you support faster breach response and contain the scope of a breach, and better manage security incidents to mitigate legal and financial penalties. EXTEND Resources can help equip your organization to demonstrate that reasonable measures were taken to protect the data of your customers, vendors, and your own digital assets. This proactive approach to due care reinforces your commitment to data privacy and security and fosters trust within your stakeholder community.

  • Confidently Address Cyber Insurance Questions and Claims

    With EXTEND Resources at your side, you will be well-prepared to answer security questionnaires from carriers and align coverage with your security program, risk tolerance, and budget. Our experts can guide you to effectively manage incident response communications and demonstrate strong security practices to carriers, helping you leverage the full benefit of your policy when you need it the most.

Are these three goals aligned with your needs?

At EXTEND, we instill confidence, promote readiness, and foster an environment where information security and data privacy become second nature to your organization.
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