The New Cyberwar Part 1: Awakening a Sleeping Giant

It is an open secret that cyberwars have been going on for quite some time. To most of us, it is an unseen war – carried out by nations and nation-state actors against other countries. Consequently, the “civilian” populations of the nations at war were – for the most part – unaffected.

No more.

Criminal enterprises supported by nations have greatly increased cyberwar attacks on commercial companies and other non-governmental organizations. The SolarWinds hack, the Colonial Pipeline and JBS ransomware attacks, and others are just the beginning.

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Cyber Risk Realities Part 2: Remediating Your Law Firms’ Security Gaps

The current information security environment is hostile to organizations seeking to ensure information integrity of the confidential legal content their law firms hold and generate. Hackers see professional services firms such as law firms and CPAs as the number one industry to target with ransomware attacks. In fact, professional services firms experience more than twice the number of attacks than the second-highest industries: Healthcare and the Public Sector. Consequently, the cybersecurity environment is getting worse for law firms every day. As proof, we have seen numerous legal industry companies – firms and vendors – suffer severe attacks in the past 18 months. 

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