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Security and Privacy Program Management That Drives Lasting Confidence

EXTEND Resources helps organizations effectively manage risk, protect sensitive information, and better manage security and privacy incidents.

Don’t Let Security Become Your Biggest Insecurity​

  • Are you prepared to respond to, manage, and mitigate security incidents so you can lower data breach costs and liabilities?
  • Do you struggle to answer information security risk assessment questionnaires?
  • Are you aware of the threats and vulnerabilities present in your systems, networks, and processes?
  • Do you understand how these risks could potentially impact your business?

Information Security and Data Privacy Services​

Security and Privacy Program Management

Plan your security and data privacy strategy based on your business goals, risk appetite, and budget, select the proper framework, and implement your roadmap to security maturity.

Risk Assessment

Understand vulnerabilities across your people, processes, and technologies using a well-honed, analytical approach to risk assessment. Gain insights to prioritize spending on high-priority security and privacy risks.

Third Party Risk Management (TPRM)

Verify that third-parties and their vendors that have access to your information and data are compliant with data privacy and information security laws and regulations and that they have appropriate controls in place.

Compliance and Regulatory

Demonstrate the strength of your security program and meet the requirements of applicable laws, regulations, and commonly used information security and privacy frameworks and standards.

Information Security

Work with an expert CISO to lead your security program, strengthen security policies, procedures, and controls, perform awareness training, and manage compliance activities and audits.

Incident Response Planning

Be prepared with a well-designed, effective response and recovery plan. Promote readiness and plan for success by performing tabletop exercises and testing plans.

We empower you to defend against cyber threats and data breaches with an effective governance, risk management, compliance, and cyber insurance strategy.​

Cyber Insurance Program Management​

Successfully leveraging cyber insurance is more challenging than ever. A smart cyber risk transfer strategy can mean the difference between a cost-effective policy that delivers the expected claims payout and a costly policy that leaves you responsible for much of the high costs of a data breach.

GRC Program Management Tools

Successfully managing a program is difficult without an effective software platform to enable visibility, efficiency, and quality. EXTEND can help you find the right platform for your unique needs, use your existing tools, or help you choose one of our partner platforms.

The Value of Choosing EXTEND

Plan Well

Strategy Aligned with Your Business
We begin by establishing business goals and a personalized roadmap, empowering you to take control of your security and privacy strategy.
Our experts consider your business’ scope, requirements, risk appetite, goals, and budget in formulating a well-documented path to success.

Spend Wisely

Cost-Effective Protection
Foster smart investments and generate confidence in your security and privacy program among all stakeholders. We offer affordable, effective managed security and privacy resources on a fractional basis. Our proactive programs are designed to meet your readiness state, achieve your goals, and fit your budget over time.

Protect Well

Disciplined & Demonstrable Security
With EXTEND, you gain access to the same high-quality processes and tools available to large enterprises.
Our team uses a methodical, results-oriented approach to governance, risk management, and compliance. Our proven processes and operational rigor provide useful insights and evidence of an effective program.

Be Prepared

Savvy Incident Success Strategy

Our experts provide you with the support and game plan needed to recover in case of a breach.

We equip you with the readiness to navigate a breach successfully. Our services enable rapid system securing, efficient incident management, and effective leverage of cyber insurance in the event of a breach.

Feel Confident

Security & Privacy Maturity
With EXTEND, you gain access to the same high-quality processes and tools available to large enterprises.
Our holistic governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) centered approach enables an effective, comprehensive, and up-to-date program to protect against threats and human error while measuring success.

Access Leadership Talent

Experts in Your Corner
Avoid the challenges of building a costly in-house team or assembling a collection of outsourced resources.
EXTEND’s clients benefit from our deep knowledge of business fundamentals combined with infosec and data privacy expertise. We have the know-how and the roll-up-your-sleeves mentality needed to both reduce risk and prepare you to successfully manage a breach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What information security services does EXTEND Resources offer?

EXTEND Resources provides a comprehensive suite of information security services, including security strategy and risk assessment, information security policy development, cybersecurity risk management, audit support, cyber insurance consulting, and more. Our team can also provide a virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) for dedicated leadership and expertise on a fractional basis.

2. How can EXTEND Resources assist with data privacy compliance?

We provide extensive data privacy advisory and compliance services to assist your organization with structuring a compliance program that addresses the requirements of applicable data privacy laws, such as GDPR and the proposed American Data Privacy and Protection Act.

3. Do you offer data privacy compliance guidance?

Yes, we provide advisory services to help organizations develop their privacy program. We can assist with establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving your Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) to support your organization’s compliance with a privacy standard such as ISO 27701 or the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

4. How do you approach information security governance?
Our approach to information security governance begins with establishing an organization’s goals and tone from the top. From there, we work closely with you to develop robust policies and implement risk management controls that meet the requirements of ISO 27001, NIST 800-171, and other frameworks. We strive to ensure that your organization’s security posture aligns with your business goals, risk mitigation plans, and budget.We know what it takes to design, implement and maintain a mature information security program as EXTEND Resources and its affiliates are ISO 27001 certified for information security management..
5. Can EXTEND Resources help with third-party risk management?

Absolutely. Our third-party risk management services scrutinize your vendors to assess whether they have sufficient security and privacy controls in place to protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your data. From vendor risk assessment and validation to ongoing monitoring, we help you minimize potential risks associated with sharing your confidential data with third parties.

6. What is your approach to cybersecurity risk management?

We apply an integrated risk management approach to cybersecurity. This includes identifying and assessing potential threats (comprehensive risk assessment), implementing protective measures, testing controls and incident response processes, security awareness training, security audit and certification support, and continuously monitoring for changes in the threat landscape.

7. How does EXTEND Resources support incident management?

Our team helps develop response plans, perform tabletop exercises to prepare for an incident, and test your incident response plan. We can serve as a point of contact to provide incident management support and assist in post-incident analysis to improve future responses. The documentation collected in our program management platforms also supports forensic analysis.

8. How does EXTEND Resources assist with information security compliance?

We help your organization meet information security compliance requirements by conducting compliance risk assessments, developing compliance roadmaps based on your budget and goals, implementing controls and policies, and providing ongoing compliance monitoring and support. We support a wide variety of compliance frameworks, including ISO 27001, NIST 800-171. NIST-CSF, CMMC, SOC 2, and more.

9. What is a security maturity assessment, and do you provide this service?

A security maturity assessment measures how well your organization’s security controls are developed and implemented compared to the requirements of a selected security framework. Identifying and documenting security vulnerabilities and gaps is the first step in achieving security maturity. EXTEND Resources offers this service as part of our commitment to helping you understand and improve your security posture.

10. How can EXTEND Resources assist with preparation for a CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) audit?

We provide comprehensive CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) consulting services, helping you prepare for any CMMC audit. This includes utilizing a CMMC registered practitioner to guide you through a CMMC compliance checklist, identify compliance gaps, and develop a plan to implement strategies to fill those gaps – all designed to help you achieve and maintain your desired level of CMMC compliance.

11. Can you help us manage our internal audit or support us during a third-party audit?

Yes. EXTEND has significant experience performing internal audits and supporting organizations throughout a third-party audit.

12. How can EXTEND Resources help us complete security risk questionnaires from our clients, partners, vendors or insurance carriers?

A self-assessment security questionnaire is your opportunity to demonstrate the quality of your security program to a prospective carrier. The EXTEND team understands how insurance carriers use answers to security questions to write cyber insurance policies. We can help you (and work with your MSP) to answer the information security questions thoroughly and paint an accurate picture of your security practices.

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