Ken H. Smiley

Senior Solutions Analyst

As Senior Solutions Analyst for EXTEND Resources, Ken Smiley heads the product implementation team that works with EXTEND clients to identify and deliver solutions to the ever-increasing challenges related to information management, processing, governance, review, and analysis. Ken brings a versatile skill set to the EXTEND team and an unwavering commitment to ensuring the high-quality delivery of the company’s solution-based offerings in matters such as large-scale discovery requests, compliance reviews, and contract and claims review and management. Ken focuses on delivering enhanced productivity, improved control, and bottom-line cost savings to enable clients to achieve their goals successfully.

Ken is a versatile technologist and licensed attorney. In addition to his considerable knowledge of e-discovery, the application of case law, and legal implications of complex system integrations, he has extensive experience with business and technical systems development and AI-driven technology, and has a Microsoft Certified Solutions Engineer & Internet certification. This wide-ranging expertise enables him to serve as a substantive resource for EXTEND and its clients on emerging digital information and communications technologies, providing insight into the best use of technology and automation to meet EXTEND’s clients’ needs.

Before joining EXTEND, Ken served in leadership roles for a variety of e-Discovery and information governance solution providers for more than two decades. In addition to his e-Discovery expertise, Ken is well-versed in contract negotiation, market advisory services, client consulting, project management, and legal services, with a wide range of industry knowledge spanning the financial, healthcare, manufacturing, and government sectors. With a proven ability to identify solutions to complex problems, Ken provides organizations with practical strategies for reducing cost and improving efficiency.

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T/F 913-213 0787

M 913 634 2112

1127 High Ridge Road, Suite 170
Stamford CT, 06905



Undergraduate in Pre-Law Political Science with minors in Industrial Design and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Kansas

Graduate Law Degree from University of Kansas School of Law