Strategic Alliances

EXTEND-ed Family

A diverse and dynamic group of companies united in the pursuit of improved performance.

By bringing together the capabilities of De Novo Perspectives, American Discovery, and Nighthawk Global, and partnering with a select group of complementary organizations, EXTEND Resources delivers proven business process optimization, legal support services, and compliance solutions to clients worldwide.

Hickey Smith is a law firm purposely designed to deliver legal services with significantly greater efficiency, consistency, and added value. By deconstructing and refining traditional legal processes, applying workflow technology, and collecting and analyzing data, Hickey Smith is transforming the way legal services are delivered today. With an unrivaled combination of disciplined processes, technology expertise, and business leadership, Hickey Smith clients benefit from reduced total legal spend, improved quality, enhanced transparency, actionable insight, simplified management of outside counsel, and increased control. For more information, visit

De Novo Perspectives specializes in executive management, financial and operational performance improvement, crisis and litigation management, investor and creditor advisory, and corporate turnaround and restructuring. The firm’s experienced professionals have a long-established track record of delivering excellent outcomes, most often in urgent and complex situations, across a wide array of industries. Known as hands-on, information driven leaders of change, clients depend on De Novo able to craft and implement solutions that satisfy both their strategic and tactical objectives.

American Discovery is a worldwide provider of legal process outsourcing services in the areas of Managed Document Review, Litigation and Other Support Services, Discovery Consulting, Legal Research, and Contract Management. Using a unique blend of technology, legal expertise, and disciplined processes, we help law firms and corporations improve financial results, enhance productivity, and efficiently deliver predictable outcomes. For more information, visit

Nighthawk Global (NHG) provides ISO 27001 certified facilities management services for companies around the globe, helping them enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve results. To learn more, visit us at

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