Fresh perspectives. Holistic problem solving.

EXTEND Resources was founded to solve a fundamental challenge many organizations face: How can we do more with less?

Pressure to improve results, enhance client loyalty, and meet specialized requirements—all while managing business with shrinking budgets—often leave companies without the experienced, cost-effective resources they need to make data-driven decisions and achieve their performance goals.

Enterprises need a new approach to business and legal support services—one where experienced, multi-disciplinary leaders deliver long-term solutions to clients.

The EXTEND team does this through:

  • Disciplined processes
  • Data capture and analytics
  • Information security tools and procedures
  • Technology enablement

Value by Design

With a history of creating and transforming organizations that deliver value and achieve results, the time has come to combine the legacies of three innovative companies and set a new standard for outsourcing services.

By bringing together the capabilities of De Novo Perspectives, American Discovery, and Nighthawk Global, and partnering with a select group of complementary organizations, EXTEND Resources delivers proven business process optimization, legal support services, and compliance solutions to clients worldwide.

Learn more about why EXTEND is the right partner for you.

Paving the Way to Peak Performance

Along with the decades of experience our leadership brings to clients, our unique legacy shapes the way we help clients solve problems and achieve their goals today.

Learn more about our history.

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